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When the director yells, “Action!” there’s no such thing as physical distancing. On a film set, time is money; you want services to come to you, not the other way around.  

We bring 
on-site, on-demand COVID testing 
directly to your set.

Envision it as craft services with 
a nasal swab and a smile.

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After we chat, you can have on-site testing within 24 hours.

Call us today to discuss your needs at 1-833-MODMD99

Our Difference

360° Protection 

We help defend against the spread of COVID on your set.

Quick Convenience

On-demand, online, and on-site, we’re there for you when, where, and how you need us.

Authoritative Expertise

Our protocols were designed from the ground up by MDs to comply with HIPAA 
& CDC guidelines.

Advanced Technology

We’ve invested in the latest tools, training, and technology, including our own dedicated labs and custom mobile app.

Personal For You

We offer a highly attentive and personal end-to-end experience so you 
feel cared for.

We are an innovative healthcare movement, providing doctor-led premium service for on-site, on-demand COVID testingmedical consulting, COVID compliance officers, lab analysis, and personalized medical care.


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for your film production


On-demand mid-nasal RT-PCR and rapid PCR testing for your cast and crew

Safe and reliable testing analysis at our own CLIA licensed labs

Doctor-led consultations and employee training to safely run your business during COVID

Custom mobile app links to test results and scans people on to set or into an event

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Resource staffing for a COVID Compliance Officer on your set

Physician follow-up and recommendations for employees with positive COVID test results

“Thank you for helping our company work through the pandemic safely.”

“The nurse was excellent, the staff was well prepared, the whole experience was smooth and seamless.”

“Your guidance and support trying to navigate working through this pandemic is invaluable.”

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